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Legends 2016/2017

Open Schedule has been published for January 8. Majority of games will be Cup games rescheduled from 12/11 or not scheduled. Check cup links for Cup Schedules. There is one Premier game between Bluefoot San Diego vs SBFC Roma on 1/8 and Nomads Major vs Califino FC on 1/8. January 15 schedule is pending and will be published within the next day or two. First and Second division teams with a bye will play a cross over game each week so there are no byes. Please check the First/Second Crossover schedule link for game time and location. Each team in 1st/2nd will play each team twice for 16 games and 2 cross over games for 2 additional games totaling 18 games. Premier Division will play each team 3 times for total of 18 games. One team will have a bye each week. Cup games will start Dec. 11 for American Freedom Cup (Premier and Major) and Alan Hall Memorial Cup (First and Second). Schedules will be posted in November via the cup links on league website ( Major Division has 10 teams and will play each team twice.